Season 3, Episode 3: Cathedralhearts Steals our Hearts

download here: Season 3 Episode 3

Despite the lack of energy from 1/2 the participants of this episode due to illness, it is jam packed with content! In here we interview the lovely Cathedralhearts (ao3; tumblr; twitter), we answer our first ask box question about a VERY CONTROVERSIAL subject and we go through some exciting fandom and general hockey news. Please please please ignore the very heavy sound issues in the interview.


  • Slava Voynov is suspended indefinitely
  • Pens resign Fleury (4 year, $23 mil deal)
  • The standings are very different from usual….
  • Studmuffin Tom Wilson returned valiantly from injury only to be injured again; thus breaking Kay’s heart
  • Go read about the Preds sheep custody battles immediately:
  • Two Ontario Hockey League players suspended 15 games after harassment on dating app Tinder goes viral
  • Porn star Lisa Ann calls out Michael del Zotto for trying to solicit dates through her.
  • Carter Ashton (Leafs) was suspended 20 games for steroids found in inhaler
  • Gordie Howe suffered a stroke but is doing better
  • Backes and Oshie both had concussions… Backes got over his mysteriously quickly
  • Tanner Pearson was named Rookie of the Month for October. Will he get the Calder??
  • Kane and Toews reunited. It was BEAUTIFUL.

Also there is still time to submit your season predictions for the chance to win a prize!

Fannish news:

  • Stop everything because there is a KANE/TOEWS PRIMER on our website
  • We answer our first ask box question about anon trolls. Submit one for next week!

Fic Recs


bring it if you really want it by staraflur

It starts like this:

Well, okay, Patrick has no idea how it actually starts. But as pertains to him (in other words, the important part), it goes a little something like so:

America, being a nation composed in large part of a melting pot of immigrants who may or may not have taken over land already owned by others using less-than-savory means, doesn’t have much of a magical national identity. Much less a magical continental identity. There’s no grand heritage going back thousands of years. Magical families home-schooled all their kids until, like, the 1800’s, and tough for the muggle-born, apparently. Hopefully you got noticed by someone who knew what to do with you before you got burned at the stake. Since you probably can’t control your powers, sport.


A whole rec list: 


as clumsy as you’ve been. by cherryvanilla

The last time Johnny got a speeding ticket was in Chicago and being the captain of the Blackhawks hadn’t gotten him out of it, so it’s not like he’s expecting any special treatment when police lights start flashing behind him. Even if he did just arrive back home with the Stanley Cup. For the second time.

The Way You Drink Your Coffee by sabrina__il (marina)

Patrick Kane is a professional dominant, Jonathan Toews is his client.

Three Way Play by blue__spruce; smoulderandbraids

But the way he goes all still and hopeful when Shawzy climbs into his lap and kisses his neck is so lovely. Kaner can’t help slipping up behind them on the bed and running a hand through Saader’s hair, leaning in close to whisper in his ear that they only should do this if he’s sure, that they don’t have to do anything at all tonight, really; or if he wants he can just watch while Kaner and Shawzy amuse themselves. Saader doesn’t say anything, but he turns his head to look at Kaner, and Kaner knows him well enough by now to know what he looks like when he wants to be kissed, a few years younger or not.



Season 3, Episode 2: Tazer Pointer

Download here: Season 3 Episode 2

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THEN you can listen to the episode. In which Erica is classy and glamorous as ever and Kay is VERY DRUNK and trying to hide it. Featuring:


-Jaromir Jagr moves up to 6th place on the NHL all time scoring list

-Jamie Benn gets a Gordie Howe hat-trick and looks super fine and bloody while doing so.

-Anne Schleper practices with TBL. Lady hockey players rock!

-Meghan Duggan has been named an assistant coach at Clarkson

-Brian Gionta gets the C for Buffalo (Gorges and Moulson get A’s)

-(as of recording) the Islanders lead conference with 8 points; Jonny T with 9 points!

-Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin record fandom’s dream video 

-Milan Lucic received a $5k fine for an “obsence gesture

-Jiri Sekac had first NHL goal and Dad’s reaction is hilarious

-Stars beat Pens with a very late Seguin goal. Stars predicted to go deep in conference. Dupuis hit with puck

-Oilers are AWFUL (AS ALWAYS). Save Ebs!!

-Skinner Removed from IR (have we learned NOTHING from Toews and Crosby??)


Fic Recs


Romantic Motherfucking Best, lightgetsin (Tyler/Jamie)

Bloom, oflights, (Sid/Geno )


Wanna See You Tonight by Harborshore (Kane/Toews)

Illuminate by sophiahelix (Kane/Toews)

Listener Participation

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Let us know if you have team specific expertise for our Travel the League segment.


Fill out our season prediction poll for a chance to win prizes– COMING SOON.


See you in two weeks



Erica and Kay

Season 3, Episode 1: Ice Ice Baby (Shirtless Hockey Players)

Click here to download: Season 3 Episode 1

Welcome back to Hockeyfact! We had a rough summer transitioning our website and losing four of our staff so thank you for bearing with us. Erica and Kay are happy to be back with you just in time for the end of the preason and the big reveal of our Second Annual Hockey Fact Fic Awards!

Inside you will mainly find:

  • Hockey News-
    1. Pens gave half their team to the Caps! Kay says “GO CAPS!”
    2. Brodeur is currently an unrestricted free agent and no longer with the Devils
    3. Ryan Johansen, who’s name we can’t pronounce, signed a three-year, $12 million contract that will pay him $3 million this season and next, and $6 million in 2016-17
    4. the Blackhawks will no longer play “Ban the Stripper!” GIRL POWER.
    5. the NHL is exploring expansion to cities such as Las Vegas, Seattle and Quebec City
    6. ALL THE HOCKEY PLAYERS ARE INJURED. Get better, everyone. Highlights include: Where is Geno?? Poor Jeff Skinner, Baby Tom Wilson, Jordan Staal and many, many more
    7. Sportsnet will broadcast the Canadien Women’s Hockey League’s playoffs and special events
    8. Hilary Knight practiced with the Ducks. The photos and interviews with players who participated are adorable.
    9. Nick Leddy got traded to the Islanders. Poor Brandon Saad is heartbroken.
    10. Erik Karlsson was named the Captain of the Sens and they locked in Bobby Ryan for a long, long time
    11. Sidney Crosby was rumored to have been arrested. HAH.
    12. The Canadiens deferred their candidate choice. They also finally locked in a contract with P.K. Subban, barely beating the arbitrator’s ruling and announcing an eight-year, $72 million contract.
    13. The OHL has implemented some mental health coaching. This is very important and is hopefully a model that will be implemented widely!

d) Fic Awards (see below)

e) A random discussion of Hockey vs. Sterek that got a little away from us… oops!

As always, you can reach us at;; and We always love to hear from you!

Fic Awards!!!

Thanks to everyone who nominated/voted/and spread the word about our 2nd Annual Fic Awards!! Congratulations to all of our winners!!! Keep doing what you do because you help make fandom great!


We had a three way tie for this one:

You and me (we are meant to be) by aohatsu
You are the best thing that’s ever been mine by hawksjolras (createadisaster)
Made Up by altri_uccelli


Three hundred sandwiches by cathedralhearts


I Got a Love (That Keeps Me Waiting) by svmadelyn

BEST AU (Kane/Toews)

Imaginary Stargazing as Competitive Sport by floss


bona fides by demotu


birds of a feather by uraneia


Rest My Secrets by LadyJanelly


Some Other Beginning’s End by turningterrific


when I grow up (I wanna be a monster) by commedhabitude


God, You Two Are So Married by popfly


And Just to Lay With You by titaniumsporkery

FAVORITE OTP FIC (for pairings not listed above)

An Idiot’s Guide to Online Dating by speakingwosound


it’s going down, i’m yelling tinder by hapakitsune


A Little Sincerity by 7iris


The Last Girl in the World by ionthesparrow [Congrats Abby!! We miss you :(]


Here we had a two way tie!

Full Service by Joyfulseeker
I’ll tell you secrets by torigates


[Podfic of] This Must Be the Place by exmanhater

CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! See you all next year!

2014 Special Summer Episode: Trades and Signings Galore!

Download here: Trades-Trades-Trades

Erica and Kay discuss the free agency frenzy and its implications for Cup prospects next season, as well as (more importantly) for fic and fandom! If you are as heartbroken as Kay is about the separation of Paul and Lazy, or if you are as excited as Erica is for the prospect of Richards/Sharpy fic or Iginla/Landy, then this might be the episode for you. [The fact that this episode isn’t, in fact, just an hour of “EIGHT MORE YEARS, EIGHT MORE YEARS” is a small miracle. ]

Season 2, Episode 10: A Newbie’s Guide to Hockey Fandom

Download here: Hockeyfact, Season 02, Episode 10 – A Newbie’s Guide to Hockey Fandom

Dear Friends,

We’re here, we’re finally here: the last episode of Hockeyfact. We’re a little late, but the world always gets crazy at this time of year. Not just with hockey (hey LA Kings winning the Cup Final, hey Justin Williams winning the Conn Symthe, hey 2014 draft class, oh hey); but you know, with school and life and the messiness involved in trying to schedule six separate people on two different coasts. Thanks for your forbearance, and you know, your general chill. We love you all.


No news this episode. Instead, we’ve put together something we’re calling “A Newbie’s Guide to Hockey Fandom,” Kay’s personal lovechild, born from requests she’s gotten over the past few months. Things we cover include our favorite hockey news sites, blogs, podcasts, and books. We talk about how we watch hockey online (GAMECENTER LIVE!), and how we decide where to sit when we go to games live.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of resources. It’s only a start, one that Hockeyfact hopes to add to in the future, and–as always–welcome any income you’re willing to provide. A new category you want to see included? Email us. Resources we’re forgetting? Tweet that shit at us; we’ll put them on the list.

Hockey fandom exists in various pockets and friend groups across the web; Hockeyfact began as a way to not only give back to the hockey community, but as a way to forge connections, as well. For this reason, we’re thankful for everyone’s who’s taken the time to tune in, to tell us when you think we’re doing things right; and, of course, when you think we’re doing them wrong. What we appreciate the most about this experience was the chance to connect with people who love hockey and love stories about hockey and want to talk about hockey from all over the world. We loved meeting up with you guys–in Vegas and Chicago last season, and in New York this spring.

Hockeyfact will be back this summer, and for another exciting season in the fall. The staff will be lighter: Carol’s becoming royalty, Toni’s doing Real Hockey Stuff, Zoe’s gotta get serious about her thesis, and Abby has a real job. But Erica and Kay will still be around, kicking it to you with the latest hockey news and recs for fics and listener participation prompts and thoughtful discussions about shit that matters in our fishbowl of a fandom.

all our love,

Season 2, Episode 9: Hard and Fast Rules

Download here: Hockeyfact, Episode 9: Hard and Fast Rules

Can I distract everyone from how late this episode is by talking about how there’s only one more episode left? Well, technically THREE (eps 9.5, 10, and 10.5), but still: THE END IS NIGH.

Know what’s also “nigh”? The playoffs. Dear lord.


No fic recs this episode, but we do have an interview with the ineffable torigates, who talks about her fics, and does tell us all her all about her love this particular story by the hoyden–so there, a fic rec for you.


Toni and Kay were also able to talk with Amy of captainfantoewstic on tumblr, all about hockey rules. Even the ones you’re afraid to ask about because you think it’ll make you sound dumb


be good,